Card Wars

Join us for a series of fun CardWars videos – how your credit union can fight back against the Evil Bank empire card programs- information to educate credit unions and pass along to members as well!

CARD WARS: Episode 1 “A New Card Act”

It was a period of Credit Card Wars: The CARD Act of 2009. Rebel Credit Unions, striking back with low fee, low interest credit cards, competitive reward programs, have won their first victory against the evil Bank Empire.

CARD WARS: Episode 2 “The Bank Empire Strikes Back”

It is a dark time for the Rebel Credit Unions. Following the CARD Act of 2009, many credit unions were swayed by the Dark Side and destroyed their one competitive advantage: the fixed rate credit card.

CARD WARS: Episode 3 “Return of the Credit Union”

Ondine ‘Cardwalker’ Irving has returned to the Bank Star to rescue the Rebel Credit Unions who have been held captive by the Bank Emperor and his idea that the Bank Empire has all the answers.

CARD WARS: Episode 4 “Reconnecting to the Card Force”

The final stage of helping credit unions build the fundamental card program is at hand, and Ondine Cardwalker has one more lesson for credit unions before they complete their first training on the Jedi Card Academy of Ossus and prepare to wield their cardsabers and Card Force against the evil Bank Empire.

CARD WARS: Episode 5 “Wielding the Power of the BIN/ICA”

Working tirelessly at the Jedi Academy of Ossus, Ondine Cardwalker senses a disturbance in the force... Knowledge of the power of the BIN/ICA- a four to six digit number assigned to an issuing institution- has been lost to many credit unions.


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