Credit Card School


San Diego - October 2015

Marketing Manager,

$2.1 Billion Credit Union

Very eye opening. I was not concerned with line utilization - now it’s a top priority.


$2.0 Billion Credit Union

This was by far the best training I’ve been to in a long time. It was actionable and though provoking. I also enjoyed having access to the vendors and experts.

(3 time attendee) Card Services Manager,

$950 Million Credit Union

I always enjoy this conference ad return with additional information to share

EFT Manager,

$313 Million Credit Union

Ondine - Thank you! Your passion for Credit Unions is inspiring and you know your @#$%! I wish I had come sooner.


Ondine - Great to meet you - Keep Spreading your “Gospel”


One of the best classes I have ever attended. The attention to details and topic relevance was impressive.

AVP Card Services,

$6.5 Billion Credit Union

It was my first class and I found it very valuable. I will plan to send a co-worker and attend myself in the future.


Ondine does a great job in being straightforward.


$2.0 Billion Credit Union

This was one of the most valuable schools I’ve ever attended- lots of actionable ideas that will pay for the conference 10x over. Thank you.


$25 Million Credit Union

One of the best workshops and most valuable I have ever attended.

Charleston - August 2015

VP of Member Services,

$202 Million Credit Union

We are starting our program and this information was so helpful to guide us. We will be sending our team back once we are up and running-great content, great advice - really rewarding!

VP of Deposit Operations,

$893 Million Credit Union

The first time I attended this class, I went back and implemented some of the things I learned in class. I came back to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I brought two others with me from other business units in the credit union.

SVP of E-Commerce,

$1.8 Billion Credit Union

Recommended by another credit union, I’ve been in the cards industry over 20 years, Great validation that my knowledge of cards is solid.


$679 Million Credit Union

Loved it! Especially the basic statistics and the guidelines- otherwise we could not have a good starting point.


Very good class over all was great and loved the hands-on part and looking at out own numbers.

Various schools

Rob VanNevel,

VW Credit Union

I really appreciate the less formal “hands on” work session atmosphere. Having processors in the room and at my table was very valuable. I really appreciate the individualized, one-on-one attention that they gave me.

Heather Lally,


Great hands on class. Love how you have vendors to answer questions. You don’t see these types of interactions at other conferences.

Dustin Powell,

Pyramid FCU

Every speaker brought a ton of knowledge. That’s not always the case. Great program!

Jeff Balestrini,

Service 1st. FCU

I enjoyed the candid, independent 3rd. Party approach you offer. Vendors are always telling me what they want me to hear, not what is best for my credit union.

Wayne Sisco,

Redstone FCU

I have learned great ideas related to expense savings, ability to re-price based on risk @ reissue, and program analysis ideas.

Summer Rowe,

Guardian CU

I really enjoyed the conference and the networking ability. I have met several great people who are now great resources for me. I am very thankful for the opportunity.

Jeff Schwarz,


This was an excellent school! Ondine’s approach is great, it is systematic and just makes practical sense. I loved that she wasn’t afraid to approach the processors when they were guilty of something. I would recommend this to anyone.

Cigi Chevalon,

Lafayette Schools CU

This was a wonderful experience for me. I’ve learned so much on how to clean up and manage our current card portfolio and program. I know my management staff will most likely consider me to join them after applying this to our program! Thank you so much for allowing me to be able to attend this program and thanks for putting it on!

C. Carlson,


As always, fantastic info. I feel like I have a renewed level of excitement in attempting to make my program stand out and be the class of the UICCU and beyond.

Kathleen Gallano,

1st. United Services

I particularly liked the fact that there was a small group of attendees. I felt like we received attention and any questions we had were easily accommodated.

Kim Robertson,


Thank you for putting this course on! This is the best course I have been to. So much information to take back & share!

Ron Mosto,

Orlando FCU

This was my first one. I really got true value from the workshop as a total presentation.

Pamela Shiplett,

Mid Missouri

Thank you-a great school. We appreciate what you do to be that “voice” and liaison for all CU’s!

Michelle Elston,

Family Trust FCU

Class was great. Very informative. Best school I have ever attended for work. I really appreciate your passion for what you do.

JoBelz Tyler,

First Central CU

School was excellent. I highly recommend. I love that Ondine is so passionate about saving $$.

Paul Humphrey,

Kent CU

It was a fantastic school and both my CEO and I are very grateful. What may have struck me most is your passion for the material. At least for me that is invaluable and lends instant and unparalleled credibility.

Keith Wiemert,

Seasons FCU

We are sending 3 people to the next school and plan to send at least one to future schools. Thanks for all your help!

Leslie Lavallee,

Assiniboine CU

Very comfortable environment. The course was well laid out. I really enjoyed meeting you Ondine and also other attendees from the USA credit unions. We are leaving here with a lot of great information.

Cliff Carignan,

Cap Com FCU

I thought the size made this very personal and the courses very much spoke right to me as a new card manager. Thanks!

Denise Wymone,

Del Norte CU

The quality of the notebook/workbook was worth the cost of the workshop. Very thorough - can’t wait to get started!

Keith Moore,

Northwoods CU

I think the course had excellent content and was the perfect length of time. It was nice to have the vendors there to talk about the products offered.

Jill Thomas-Aviles,

Jax Federal

This school was amazing and Ondine far exceeded any and all expectations.

Helen Gonzalez,

Co-Op Financial

Loved that this was operationally focused and hands on.

Susan Ginsberg,

Co-Op Financial

Really classy Ondine! Well done! Love the “real life” examples in your manual.


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