Our History

GoCUCards was created for the credit union market (formerly known as Card Analysis Solutions) in 2003 by Ondine Irving. At that time, there were very few credit card experts working on behalf of credit unions best interests. Actually, quite the opposite was happening, with portfolio brokers preying on credit unions lack of knowledge encouraged many credit unions to sell most profitable product line- to of all entities- banks!

Utilizing the education received from working twelve years at Baxter Credit Union and five years at Certegy Card Services (now known as FIS), founder, it was at this time, Ondine identified the need for a credit card program advocate within the credit union industry.

She created Card Analysis Solutions in 2003 to assist credit unions understand the perceived complexities of card program management. She provided credit unions with objective and independent information of the financial, operational and marketing aspects of the credit card portfolio performance.

In 2008, the very first "School of Credit Card Program Management"- referred to as "Dancing With The Cards" was held in San Francisco and lead by Ondine’s mentor, Rex Johnson while Ondine assisted. Today, Ondine hosts four to five sessions every year throughout the country. Today’s theme is "Card Wars" which began in 2016.

Often imitated, but truly unable to be duplicated- these schools have evolved to a unique gathering of credit unions, card processors, reward providers and other industry experts who are committed to educating credit unions in a non-salesy, no BS, direct approach. These sessions are not known for being "politically correct", because the bottom line is we cut through all the riff raff.

In 2009, Ondine and one of her clients were profiled on the CBS Evening News and again on CBS Sunday morning to share the story of how one credit union had sold their credit card program to a bank- and ultimately made the decision to issue their own cards to their members. Ondine’s message was getting through!!!!

In 2010, in an effort to counteract bad press regarding the CARD ACT, Ondine extended her advocacy for credit union credit cards to the consumer market. She launched a new consumer website to help consumers connect to the fair and ethical credit card programs offered by Credit Union’s nationwide. This website has captured the attention of internationally personal finance expert, Suze Orman.

Ms. Orman has promoted Ondine’s consumer facing site on numerous national media outlets, including The Suze Orman Show (CNBC), Larry King Live, MSNBC Morning Joe, CNN, O Magazine. The site is also mentioned in Ms. Orman’s NY Times best-selling books. Once the NCUA came out with their credit union finder in 2011- there was no longer a need- nor did Ondine’s demanding schedule allow time for the upkeep of the consumer site.


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